Who we are


We are a job company specialising in technoplastic powder coating, manned by some of the very best European experts in this field.
We have carried out our technical research work in support to the French ATOFINA group since 1965 (the new denomination being ARKEMA).
Our activity has been acknowledged mainly in the field of practical applications of long molecular chain Polyammide powders, i.e. Nylon 11 (RILSAN) and Nylon 12. Our continuous work and research for improved installations and automated equipment have trigged our expansion to our present covered area of 2.000 square meters. Projection, planning and assembling of the most sophisticated machinery we work with are due entirely to the work of our team. The application technology of powder we use is the “fluid-bed coating”, items having been properly pre-heated in the oven are immersed in a bath containing powder held in suspension by a stream of purified air.
This technology can also be applied for other powder coating with thermoplastic and thermosetting (special epoxy) that we use routinely. Our password is QUALITY; this is daily acknowledge by our customers. Besides, the ARKEMA group have decided since March 2004 to certify and recommend our company as “ Recommended Coater” This is an acknowledgement granted according to several parameters to only one company per nation.